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"Everyone has a dream machine, but many never realize it. Your dream machine is your mind. Whether you are conscious of it or not, with every thought, you are creating your life—why not create the life you desire?"
— Jane Willhite

Imagine you are given the gift of a "dream machine," something that creates whatever you desire. With this machine you can manifest new opportunities, fulfilling relationships, better health, a beautiful home, a thriving business—literally whatever you want. If this machine were given to you, what would YOU dream up?

Guess what? You already have it.

Your dream machine is your mind.

In this much-anticipated book, Jane Willhite, co-founder of Personal Success Institute (PSI), the leading authority and pioneer in human potential training for the past 35 years, presents true stories of PSI Seminars graduates who unlocked the key to realizing their dreams and created the life they imagined.

Rooted in Napoleon Hill's philosophy "to think is to create," Your Dream Machine will inspire you to make life happen for you, rather than let life happen to you. In this book 32 inspiring leaders share how they harnessed the power of the mind to design their lives, and how you can follow their example and experience a life limited only by your imagination!

From the introduction by Bob Proctor, world-class speaker, star of The Secret and author of the bestselling book, You Were Born Rich:

"The Wright brothers did not know how they were going to get the plane in the air, they only knew they would. Edison did not know how he was going to illuminate the world, but he did. Dr. Warner Van Braun didn't know how he was going to put a man on the moon; he just knew he would. You don't know how you're going to get everything you write on your list, the only prerequisite is that you want to be, do or have it. Your age, gender, education, background, has absolutely no bearing on you turning your dreams into reality."



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